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Have random users been adding you on snapchat?

A Facebook post claims that random accounts are adding girls on Snapchat for sex trafficking.

TOLEDO (WTOL) - A Facebook post calling out a problem on Snapchat is quickly gaining attention.

The post claims that random accounts are adding girls on Snapchat for sex trafficking. While neither law enforcement or the social media giant has verified this is true, sex trafficking experts say social media can be an easy ploy for predators.

“They use the internet they use social media to attract and recruit and build relationships. Why would someone you don’t know want to know your location? Those are the questions you have to ask yourself,” said Dr. Celia Williamson, an expert in human trafficking at the University of Toledo.

The Facebook post claims the problems are in Massachusetts. Local Snapchat users are experiencing similar problems.

“Random usernames. I mean I just don’t accept them and I only have a setting where I only allow people to add me that are my friends,” said one University of Toledo student.

The first and best way you can protect yourself while using social media is making sure your location is turned off, or only shared with people you know and trust. One of Snapchat’s newest features, snap-map, shows your location to your Snapchat friends.

“I would always be cautious of sharing location, I know why they want to do it so that hey I’m at this location with these people and everyone’s knows where they’re at but I would keep that circle of people very small,” said Wood County Sheriff Mark Wasylyshyn.

Additionally making sure you take the extra step to not just deny, but block unknown users is also important.

Right now “Verify” is reporting that Snapchat has not heard of any sex trafficking scam.

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