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Hancock County farmer pulls grenade out of ground while checking his corn crop

Levi Haselman was checking his corn crop when he saw what looked like part of a metal tool sticking out of the ground.

HANCOCK COUNTY, Ohio — Imagine for a second - the weather's perfect - you're gardening - digging a hole to plant a rose... you reach down into the soil - and you grab a live antique grenade buried in the ground.

Something similar happened to a local farmer in Hancock County on Sunday morning.

Levi Haselman owns Next Gen Organic Farms.

Around 10 a.m. Haselman was checking his corn crop in a field south of McComb – something he routinely does – when he found an actual grenade that had been turned up during planting.

Haselman says he actually had the grenade in his hands for a few moments but quickly decided he needed to alert someone who might be able to dispose of the potentially dangerous ordinance.

"I just knelt down and noticed a rust sticking up top like a piece of metal or something that broke off a tillage tool. So I actually grabbed it and pulled it out of the ground and realized what it was and I already had it in my hands,” said Haselman.

Haselman eventually called the Hancock County Sheriff's Department, who ended up calling the Toledo Bomb Squad.

Credit: Levi Haselman

He says he never would have guessed when he woke up on Sunday, he'd see a member of the bomb squad walking through his corn field.

It turns out the grenade could be between 40 and 100 years old. The Hancock County Sheriff's office says it resembles an MKII grenade.

"It's a pineapple shaped grenade and they stopped using those in the 80s,” said Haselman.

It's unclear how the grenade ended up in a field. It's entirely possible and perhaps even probable, given the age of the grenade, that no one will ever know. 

That grenade is now in the trusted possession of military professionals who will properly dispose of it.



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