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Group protests outside Cedar Creek over abortion issue

A small group of protesters lined the street near Cedar Creek Church on Sunday morning, frustrated the church hasn't taken a clear stance on the abortion issue.

PERRYSBURG, Ohio — Protests continue across the nation over the Supreme Court's recent ruling overturning Roe v Wade, including right here in northwest Ohio. 

On Sunday, one local organizer decided to direct their frustration at a local church. 

On Lime City Rd. in Perrysburg, a group of protesters stood in front of Cedar Creek Church, holding up signs critical of Christianity's views on abortion.

"We're targeting megachurches, specifically," said organizer Brandon Abernathy. "It's not just the Catholic Churches, although the Catholic Churches 100% are a part of the problem. It also has to do with the megachurches who are not being definitive on where they stand."

The demonstration was organized by Abernathy, who says the Christian church holds too much power over the Supreme Court.

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"The root of the problem that's happening right now in the country is religion overstepping and bleeding into our government," said Abernathy.

At the same time, Abernathy is frustrated that Cedar Creek Church hasn't taken a clear stance on the abortion issue.

Cedar Creek officials released a video on Thursday, directed at church members, about what was then a planned protest. 

In it, lead pastor Ben Snyder says the church sat down with protesters to discuss the demonstration with organizers, and ultimately, said they wouldn't allow the group to protest on their private property, thereby forcing the group to demonstrate on a small strip of public land nearby.

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Snyder also exhorted church members not to be confrontational with the protesters.

Abernathy too, stressed the peacefulness of the protest.

"They've had security officers on golf carts circling the parking lot, coming out here to talk to us, asking us what we're doing. We're remaining peaceful, we're within our right to be in this patch of land," said Abernathy.

The group plans on protesting at other churches in the coming weeks, but did not specify which ones. WTOL reached out to Cedar Creek Church directly for comment, and is waiting on their response.


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