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Grocery stores lower their prices for Thanksgiving

WTOL 11 went to several local grocery stores to breakdown the best deals.

TOLEDO, Ohio — With Thanksgiving only eight days away, grocery stores are lowering their prices for the holiday sale.

WTOL 11 went to a few local stores to see what the best prices are and where. We looked into the prices for stuffing, potatoes, pumpkin pie and of course, turkey.

We went to the Kroger, Meijer and Walt Churchill's Market in Maumee, also an Aldi location in Toledo. Here are the prices we found.

For turkey, the prices are per pound and vary depending on the total weight of the turkey:

Meijer - $0.99 per pound

Aldi - $1.79 per pound

Kroger - $1.99 per pound

Walt Churchill's - $2.99 per pound

Prices for stuffing also vary depending type and flavor:

Meijer - $1.99

Kroger - $2.00

Aldi - $2.29

Walt Churchill's - $3.49

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Prices for potatoes vary by weight and in some places, are priced individually:

Kroger - $1.97 for a five pound bag

Aldi - $3.99 for a five pound bag 

Meijer - $0.99 per pound

Walt Churchill's - individually at $1.29 each

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Can't forget the pumpkin pie for dessert:

Meijer - $5.99

Aldi - $6.49

Kroger - $8.99

Walt Churchill's - $11.99

Many of these stores already had their holiday prices. Walt Churchill's will be having a Thanksgiving sale next week.

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