FREMONT, Ohio — You're going to see about 1,100 bikers this week riding through the back roads of Northwest Ohio.

They come from 35 states and four countries.

 All are peddling in the Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure better known as GOBA.

The bikers rode Sunday from Bowling Green to Fremont where they'll overnight at Terra State Community College.

Between now and Saturday, they'l loop their way through Port Clinton to Oregon and end up back in Bowling Green. 

"You meet all kinds of people and the exercise. I could do without the rain," Jim Wiley said.

 It's about a 140 mile course.

 But along the way, there are layover days allowing bikers to do some off course exploration bumping the ride up in some cases to 140 miles.

"I've seen places I didn't know existed in Ohio. Neat out of the way places," Karen Mattes said.

At each stop a tent city pops up where bikers rest, relax and sleep. Others opt for hotel rooms.

This is the 31st annual GOBA and Northwest Ohio was chosen because of it's flat terrain. 

 But bikers like something else about the area.

 "We come from South Carolina to Ohio because it's cool often and this time of the year obviously it's cool," Ken Woodington said.

The ride costs $275.00, although the price can go up bit more depending if the biker stays at a hotel room. 

GOBA is by no means a race rather a leisurely tour.

 "People like to slow down. I like to think of GOBA as a micro-tourism in a sense not driving through in a car but getting to know the area and the people," GOBA director Jeff Pierron said.