TOLEDO (WTOL) - Out-going Governor John Kasich signed an executive order to make sure people who identify as transgender or gender non-conforming are not discriminated against if they work for the State of Ohio.

This move would give an added level of protection for a state employee who is transgender or doesn't identify as male or female. They wouldn't be able to be fired, and policy couldn't be made against them.

According to leaders with Equality Toledo, it’s something the LGBTQ community here in Ohio has been pushing for.

"We'll take anything that's a step in the right direction and hopefully when we get our new governor we can continue to march that progress forward," Equality Toledo Executive Director Analese Alvarez said.

Moving forward Equality Toledo, will be using that forward motion to try and get gender identity and gender expression policies in place for all private sector businesses in the state.

The City of Toledo already has these protections in place for city employees.