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Families receive a Christmas miracle thanks to local businesses

Wednesday's 'Christmas Miracle Event' was put on by Team Johnson Limo and Mavillino Custom Homes among several other local businesses.

TOLEDO, Ohio — Clang, clang, clang went the trolley. A welcome sound to some local families just days before what can be one of the most stressful holidays of the year. 

Several small northwest Ohio businesses came together this holiday season to gift eight local families an early Christmas. 

It's all part of the 'Christmas Miracle Event' put on by Team Johnson Limo and Mavillino Custom Homes, along with several other local businesses.

The president of Team Johnson Limo, Brandon Johnson, said they've been prepping for this event for a few months now. 

Eight families were gifted toys, or rental assistance, all the way to trips to Disney World and a car.

Johnson was especially happy they were able to help everyone on their list.

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"It's a Christmas miracle. So we have eight stops. These are all people that got nominated. We review them and see who the most in need were," said Johnson. "We only had the eight nominees and we were able to pull them all off this year."

Kayla White was one of the lucky ones. She received a much-needed car. 

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"I am blessed. I'm happy. I'm ecstatic," said White. "I think I'm happier than the kids - I don't know it though. It is truly a blessing."

"It changes their life," said Johnson. "We have so many friends of people that we've helped and now they're doing great, just from that little boost of morale - a little boost of something they need to get them back on their feet."