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'I don't let it stop me' | Findlay artist with cerebral palsy using digital art as an outlet

Alex Finn's art is now featured on special color palette scented candles at the Elida Candle Company in Findlay.

FINDLAY, Ohio — A Findlay man with cerebral palsy has been using art to help him cope, and now his art is being celebrated within his community

"Because my body tends to fight me in anything I do, I'm in pain 24/7. It's whatever. I don't let it stop me," 30-year-old Alex Finn said.

About a year ago, Finn decided he needed a new challenge. So, he took his love of technology and went one step further, by creating digital art.

"(It brings) happiness, enjoyment, something that won't hurt my body as much as anything else would," Finn said.

After building a robust portfolio, Finn showed off his work to his neighbors, the owners of the Elida Candle Company in Findlay. That's when they had an idea, to take on Alex a business intern, show him the ropes of owning a business and showcasing his art on their labels.

Now, an entire line of candles are available with Alex's art prominent on the front, and the rest of the labeling tucked underneath. 

"A lot of people might not like all the branding on the front of their candle, and they just want this color palette for their living room, or this color palette for their kitchen. It's just a piece of art that is going to scent your room at the same time," Elida Candle Co. owner Diane Yonut said.

"I wasn't expecting anything out of this, but I'm glad they like what I do. I do it for fun and I wasn't expecting any publicity. I was just like, 'Alright, let's see where this goes,'" Finn said.

Credit: Jon Monk
Alex's label designs are available in preset scents, or can be customized

Along with getting his art on these candles, Finn also has a Red Bubble page where you can go and put his art on any number of household items.

Finn said he is proud of the impact his art has already made, and he'll keep making these digital liquid oil paint palettes as long as the candle company will have him.

"You never know where that kind of collaboration is going to take you, and so it's been good for the both of us and definitely a win-win situation," Yonut said.