TOLEDO (WTOL) - Girl Power was on display on Saturday at Imagination Station in downtown Toledo.

The hands on science center tried to get girls interested in STEM careers through an event called ‘Girl Power.’

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and math.

The goal of the event is to help curb the under-representation of women in STEM fields by encouraging young women to give it a thought.

Only 24 percent of STEM workers are women.

“I believe it can be intimidating because you have to own what you want to do and be and then have to make the right decision to do it,” said pharmacist Krystal Ricciardella.

Throughout the day, girls explored different STEM professions by taking part in workshops and activities led by local professionals like Sara Floyd.

She has a masters degree in physics from the University of Toledo and is a lab scientist at Owens Illinois.

“STEM is a wonderful field because it allows you to ask questions and how the world works,” said Floyd.

The next generation of STEMsters was represented by members of UT’s Alpha Zeta Omega, a professional fraternity for pharmacy students.

You’ll soon see many of them working at your local drug store.

“I love chemistry and I love the way STEM majors can have an impact on global health, medical field and community,” said Laura Heckenmueller.

And it’s hoped the girls will be equally inspired to pursue a STEM career after their day at Imagination Station.