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Gas hits $5 a gallon in NW Ohio: Here are simple ways to make the most of your miles

AAA's Bob Kazmierczak weighed in on how to save pennies at the pump.

TOLEDO, Ohio — The price at the pump in northwest Ohio is over $5 a gallon at some stations.

It's a new record high for northwest Ohio, with fuel for some Toledoans now costing even more than the national average of $4.87.

But a AAA rep said a few intentional decisions could keep your expenses as low as possible.

Namely, he said it's important to consider options like instead of taking multiple trips out from the house, bundling them together to save fuel. Or being conscious of following the speed limit to avoid burning unnecessary gas. Another important one is keeping your car in working order, and it only takes a few simple tricks to get every last mile out of your fuel.

"Checking the air in your tires, for example," Bob Kazmierczak, the director of automotive services for AAA, said. "Having tires that are properly inflated is certainly going to get you better fuel mileage. If you have air conditioning, use it. The windows cause drag, so you will use more fuel driving down the highway."

Kazmierczak said he's already heard more customers than ever ask for ways to save money on gas. With fuel prices predicted to continue rise, he expects their voices to only get louder.

"I'm sure it's causing angst for people. No one wants to pay more than we're used to in fuel prices. It makes a difference in how you travel and probably thinking about where and when you're going to do it," Kazmierczak said.

Experts predict the national average on fuel will rise even higher to $5.05 in the next few weeks.

If you're interested in comparing gas prices in your local area, here are links to AAA's fuel resource websites:

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