TOLEDO, Ohio — We brought you his story about a year ago. A local man, Sam Misiura, saved a stranger's life as he tried to jump from the Veteran's Glass City Skyway.

"You hear people who are called heroes say, 'I'm not a hero' and I really do feel that way. I don't feel like I did anything extraordinary and that's the truth of it," Misiura told WTOL 11 in October 2018.

Nearly a year later Misiura's brother-in-law recounts the heroic act. 

"I mean, it was incredible. It didn't surprise anybody. That was the kind of man Sam was," Grier said.

Misiura gave one man a second chance at life. His family is now in shock, grieving the sudden loss of the man who saved another. Grier said a little more than a week ago, Misiura died suddenly from a heart complication. 

Misiura, of Perrysburg, was a husband, father of two and uncle to many. The community is coming together, so far raising more than $27,000 to help the family, in less than a week. 

Good Samaritan stops would-be suicide on Glass City Skyway
Toledo Police are heralding the actions of Sam Misiura, who halted a would-be suicide at the Veterans Glass City Skyway on Friday.

"I think it's amazing. You know all the kind words people are saying. It really is a nice tribute to him. A show of force to the kind of person he was," Grier said.

Grier said he'll remember Misiura for so many things including their tradition of taking the polar plunge every New Year's, his cooking - as he was a chef by trade - but mostly his ability to love people unlike most others. 

"He really saw the common denominator in people," Grier said.

"We're all human and before we're liberal or conservative or Republican or Democrat. Everybody needs to go back to be human for just 10 minutes," Misiura told WTOL 11 in 2018.

If you'd like to help the Misiura family, click here.

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