Stephanie Doyle, a young mother with three little girls, fought triple negative breast cancer with the help of her "Unicorn Squad." Now, the squad is squaring up for the fight of Stephanie's life, as cancer has spread with three masses in her brain, and evidence of cancer in her chest and hip. 

Stephanie's friends have put together a fundraising effort to help her and her family fight the return of her aggressive cancer.  

"Stephanie has been in complete shock since the news was given. She was hoping to resume her life with her family and friends as 'normal' but unfortunately has been thrown into a medical tailspin. We are sharing her story in hopes of bringing prayers, well wishes, and possibly financial assistance," the GoFundMe page established by her friends reads.   

On Tuesday, Stephanie Doyle, 37, will undergo brain surgery to remove the largest mass and relieve some of the symptoms. With her first round of cancer, she fought a difficult battle, undergoing chemotherapy, blood transfusions, daily injections, a double mastectomy and 28 rounds of radiation. 

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"Through it all, Stephanie was a fighter and overcame every obstacle! Stephanie was able to enjoy almost two years of a cancer-free mindset and was an inspiration to many," the Unicorn Squad shared. 

"Unicorn" Squad celebrates breast cancer survivor mom
Unicorn Squad
Stephanie Doyle, Sandi Lazette, Jennifer Woods.
Unicorn Squad

The squad, comprising Stephanie,  Sandi Lazette, and Jennifer Woods, have been friends for decades, having grown up together in Springfield, all while cheerleading, playing 'Babysitters Club' and talking about boys.  

When Stephanie originally found the lump in her breast two years ago, the friends did what friends do - they rallied and brought meals, helped with the kids and supported Doyle in her darkest times, when she thought breast cancer would leave her daughters without their mom. 

Now that the cancer is back, they're rallying once again. You can help the squad help Stephanie through the GoFundMe page by clicking here