TOLEDO (WTOL) - The City of Fremont has laid out their next 10 years of planning to increase local economic development.

The 10-year economic development plan for the City of Fremont was unveiled last week.

In it, the city intends to work towards increasing the city’s population to over 19,000 and the area community population to over 30,000.

To do this, they intend to bring in more businesses by developing a new industrial park and building an industrial spec building.

The city has also found multiple areas to be developed into new home build neighborhoods.

Currently, the average home in Fremont was built in the 1930′s, so new home builds could draw in more residents.

Along with those 2 development plans, the city will also focus on improving the lifestyle of Fremont residents, allowing them to enjoy living life here more.

"Every year we have goals that we want to meet. And we have action steps that we're going to take to meet those goals, to accomplish the overall outcome. We will report back to the community one year at a time, and we will give them the changes that we think we can make." said Fremont mayor Danny Sanchez

Mayor Sanchez says that the city will soon begin working with regional and state site selectors to figure out the best potential locations for those proposed future industrial parks.