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City of Fremont creates director of diversity and inclusion position

The person on the full-time position will work to ensure Fremont offers equal opportunities for all residents.

FREMONT, Ohio — The city of Fremont is taking steps to make sure everyone who lives there feels welcome. 

With that in mind, the city created a diversity and inclusion director position. 

Chari Mullen, a lifelong little giant, said he was happy to come back home and fill this newly-created position.

Fremont Mayor Danny said outside of the city of Toledo, Fremont is one of the most diverse cities in northwest Ohio with around 24% of their 16,000 person population being minorities.

"We hope that other cities around the state see that we're doing this and follow that. Because ultimately, it's our job as leaders to make sure everyone has the same opportunities," Sanchez said. 

Prior to her new position, Mullen worked at the University of Toledo and established the Momma's House Community Development Center in Fremont.

Credit: Jon Monk
Chari also founded Momma's House Community Development Center in Fremont

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The position was funded by a grant through Fremont City Schools, Terra State, and the Mental Health and Recovery Services Board of Seneca, Sandusky, and Wyandot counties.

Mullen said the first stage of her strategic plan is to spend time listening to the community in either virtual or in-person public meetings starting Thursday, Oct. 22. 

"What do we need to do to enhance our diversity in the city? What can we be better at? And any general recommendations or concerns. We're collecting quantitative and qualitative data, then we're going to sit back and review that data and then implement a task force and a diversity city-wide committee," Mullen said. 

The grant that funded the creation of this new position is only a one-year grant. But Sanchez said he's confident that the work they will get done this year will show that's this needs to be an annually approved or permanent position.