TOLEDO, Ohio — Starting next year you will have to pay for parking during lunchtime, a change that hit some resistance from council members and business owners. 

"The argument has been all these employees are parking for free around the businesses, well, have you looked around One Government Center? It's our employees who are parking there for free," Council Member Tom Waniewski said.

Waniewski said he doesn't believe free lunch parking should be taken away, especially since it was introduced as an incentive to begin with.

"It's the public street, we shouldn't be restricting them, we shouldn't be holding their feet to the fire to pay us more at this time or we're going to penalize them," Waniewski said.

President and CEO of Connect Toledo Rachel Bach said the changes are a way to make sure people are parking appropriately and can eventually bring more money and improvements to Downtown.

"On the street should be the most expensive parking spaces while parking garages and lots should be the least expensive. That's where people should park all day," Bach said.

They also want to make it easier for you to find appropriate parking by developing a phone app.

"In the future we'll hopefully have one that's more geographically specific," Bach said.

The city will also allow the Port Authority to put parking meters in new areas where there's currently free parking, something uptown business owners expressed concerns. 

However, Bach said this isn't likely to happen just yet.