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Truck drivers grateful for food truck option at Ohio rest stops

Governor Mike DeWine is allowing food trucks to operate at Ohio rest areas with a free temporary permit to help serve truck drivers.

BOWLING GREEN, Ohio — Truck drivers making their way through the Buckeye State now have another spot to pick up a fresh meal.

Governor Mike DeWine announced last week food trucks and restaurants can set up at Ohio Department of Transportation rest areas with a permit.

"I think that would be great for every state to do that," Georgia truck driver Jeff Tidwell said.

Truck drivers are some of the only people still on the roads these days, delivering all kinds of essential goods to shops and businesses across the country.

"Most of my deliveries are they're just sitting there and waiting for their product," Tidwell added.

Some truckers, however, have found it hard in certain areas to get access to a simple, fresh meal.

"That they only have drive-thru open, well we can't get a truck through a drive thru," Toronto truck driver Tom Skinner said, "and some places don't accept walk ups to the drive thru so we wouldn't get served that way."

Gov. DeWine's order allows food trucks to set up at any of the states 86 rest stops. And some restaurants and food trucks are signing up.

Rosie's Italian Grille set up at I-75 in Bowling Green Wednesday.

"It's our way that we're able to give back to the community, give these people some good food," Rosie's Italian Grille worker Phil Barone Jr. said, "these guys are supplying restaurants and all types of different businesses across the country so we want to keep them fed."

"I think having it at a rest stop is a great spot, especially you know in the evening hours," Tampa, Florida driver Cedrick Dross said, "because this is when a lot of truckers start to shut down, you know run out of hours so it'll be a good spot to have some place to come to."

All food truck owners need is a temporary permit which you can pick up online for free. Some truckers even suggested produce stands and other healthier options to have as well.

"It would help even to just grab a nice fresh coffee if you're pulling in here," Skinner said.

Truckers say there is a new spark of appreciation for their industry.

"A lot of truck signs going up the road thanking you know us truckers," Tidwell added.

"Think they do see now no matter what the trucks still have to keep moving," Doss said, "so I think people are realizing that and seeing that now and I think that's great."