TOLEDO, Ohio — Flu season is quickly approaching and health professional are urging you to get the flu shot now. 

Even if you have never had the flu before or got it even after getting a shot, doctors say it still has many benefits.

"A lot people also say they will get the flu, even after they take the vaccines and you can sometimes! But even if you get the flu it will not be as serious and the vaccine will protect you against complications of the flu," said Dr. Kanchan Pillai, an Internal Medicine Physician at ProMedica. 

When looking at the number of cases and deaths from the flu each year, the flu season two years ago is considered to be very bad, and last year's season it is considered to be very long. Knowing this, doctors are encouraging everyone to get their flu shots by the end of October. 

"This year in the new vaccine, they have included some more strengths and hopefully that will give us more protection," said Dr. Pillai. 

If you or someone in your family experiences chills, coughing or a high fever, seek immediate medical attention, as symptoms of the flu can be serious. 

"It is deadly. You know when the average year we're looking at over 30,000 to 36,000 deaths on an average year," said Toledo Lucas County Health Commissioner Eric Zgodzinski.

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