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FLOC Homies Union offering opportunities, propelling Toledo youth to better develop themselves as professionals

In a press conference, former Toledo mayor Carty Finkbeiner asked for youth to be given more opportunities. FLOC Homies is one group that has stepped up to the plate

TOLEDO, Ohio — In light of the uptick in recent crime, one of Toledo's former mayors is asking for youth to be given more opportunities

We reached out to one of those programs known as the FLOC Homies Program

It's aiming to show kids they can be successful. 

Every weekday, the FLOC Homies Union meets at the Farm Labor Organizing Committee building for two hours. 

"Program geared toward 14- and 24-year-olds, high school age students who are looking to better develop themselves as professionals, looking for jobs, opportunities to invest back into the community," said Alonso Southard, the program manager. 

He works with the students in an environment which gives them the tools and resources to understand what success can look like.

"I've learned how to write resumes, how to do interviews. How to talk in a professional manner; like body movement, eye contact. Stuff like that," said Ruben Alonso an intern with the FLOC Homies Union Program.

The interns are also paid for being part of the program. 

"More than 50-percent of the students who apply, by the end of the program, they are either aligned for work or are already working. The purpose of the program is to set them up with internships in the community so that they can better understand what the workplace is like," said Southard. 

For someone like Jasmine Scott, it's giving her a chance one day to fulfill her aspirations. 

"I just know that I want to help people get better. So I'm looking towards a psychiatric unit for younger kids, and also being a teacher. I haven't decided yet," said Scott. 

The classes are keeping the kids off the streets and propelling them to better themselves. 

"I like to inject a sense of self-determination into the students that I work with. Giving them a chance to work with the mindset of the CEO as opposed to the entry-level, so that they have an understanding on how to climb the ladder," said Southard. 

And an opportunity to create professional and self-development. 

If you're interested in the program, Southard says you can stop by to check it out at 1221 Broadway St., or you can call 419-243-3456 and visit FLOC.com