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Artist creates murals across East Tennessee and the US

Downtown business commissions East Tennessee office to paint a mural. She works quickly and finishes in half a day.
Artist creates yet another mural. She's painted hundreds in schools, restaurants, homes, and churches. Her next big project is a Michigan nursing home.

(WBIR-Downtown Knoxville) You've probably seen her art but may not have known who created it.

She is a prolific East Tennessee muralist who painted yet another mural today.

"I've painted about 120 something schools in the Knoxville area and the surrounding area. I've done work for McDonald's. I've painted their indoor play lands all over. I've painted at Dollywood," Gale Hinton said.

And this morning she started her latest mural on a plain green wall in the foyer of a downtown business. Gale Hinton works incredibly fast.

"I go fast because I forget to stop. I forget to eat. I forget to drink anything. I just work," she explained.

Her work flow follows a pattern she's developed over 50 years of painting murals.

"They give me an idea about what they want and then I chew on that and get it in my brain and then when I come I am usually prepared," she said. "The idea is not to stop and think so much while you're painting but your brain is about five minutes ahead of what you're doing."

She's doing this project for BW Fullington and Associates. Brad Fullington moved his financial planning company from Farragut to downtown a few months ago.

"I'm from Knoxville and I just love the whole downtown rejuvenation project that's going on," Brad Fullington said. "My prerequisite in coming downtown was to be able to see Neyland Stadium and I can see Neyland Stadium right out my window here. it's just a great feeling to be downtown. It's really coming alive again."

At his request, Gale's mural captures the beauty of East Tennessee. The company partners with Wells Fargo so Gale shows that relationship in the mural.

"From the 1800s when the stage coaches were carrying people's money across the country, gold and things of that nature," Brad said.

Gale said, "I like to see people smile and I've got one of those jobs that only gets noticed when you do it and most jobs only get noticed when you don't do them."

Clients will definitely notice Gale Hinton's beautiful mural.

"I can't wait to see the finished product today," Brad said.

He didn't have to wait long. Gale finished the mural just after lunch.

The quick painter has no plans to slow down.

"I'm just grateful that I can do what I do and can have a good time and I don't ever plan to retire," she said.

She's painting a church Monday. Then her next project is in Michigan where she's painting an entire nursing home.