The LaSalle Apartment building's power has been restored following a Tuesday power outage.

The power was restored just before midnight on Wednesday.

The power outage was caused by a circuit being tripped in downtown.

Earlier Wednesday, residents were told that the power was expected to be restored to the LaSalle Building by 5 p.m. but that did not happen.

Instead, residents received another email saying that crews were still working to restore power as of Wednesday night and that the leasing office was told that that Toledo Edison is in its final stages of repair.

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FirstEnergy says the Ohio Building is running on generators but until the fault on the circuit is identified, there is no timetable for restoration.

"When we locate the fault that took out Ohio and LaSalle, it might be obvious why that fault occurred, but it might also be elusive - it depends on what we find," said Chris Eck with FirstEnergy. "For example, a wire that faulted or shorted out leaves little evidence of why it did so; could be related to recent restoration activity, could be because a raccoon chewed into the insulation sometime in the last 25 years. This is also why no on can guarantee what might happen in the future. With a downtown network and this particular voltage (23 kilovolts), failures are not typical, but a handful of large customers on a single 23kv circuit is very common."

Once power is restored, officials say they will still bring in additional crews with specific underground expertise while they continue to work to complete repairs to all impacted circuits.

The Toledo Municipal Court, however, is expected to be fully operational Wednesday, according to Court Administrator Lisa Falgiano. 

Eck said that Tuesday morning, the company lost another downtown feeder. He was unable to say if that is related to the original damage from Friday morning or not. Eck said that it will take several hours to determine the cause and that it could take addition time to fix the problem.

It was announced early on Tuesday that power had been restored for all downtown buildings except for the Safety Building after a construction company working near Adams and Superior streets struck an underground duct bank on Friday.

Those outages affected buildings such as One Government Center and Toledo Municipal Court all weekend.

Power to One Government Center was restored at 8:23 a.m. Tuesday. The building remains closed by the Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority while interior systems are reactivated.

The Port Authority said the building is expected to be fully operational on Wednesday for normal business hours.

Power was restored to the Toledo Municipal Court building Tuesday and the Safety Building is still operating on generator power.

This most recent power outage is affecting the Ohio Building, where some One Government Center employees moved to work on Tuesday while One Government Center was out of power.

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City officials said Engage Toledo is back up and running in an alternate location after the outage at the Ohio Building.

Customers can visit here to pay bills online or go to 401 South Erie Street to make payments in person from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday.

911 is working for emergency calls.

City officials are working with Toledo Edison to restore power as quickly as possible.