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It took a little time, but snow is finally here this winter: Are you ready?

WTOL 11 spoke with AAA on what to know before the projected ALERT DAY on Wednesday which is forecasted to bring snow accumulation and slow travel conditions.

TOLEDO, Ohio — It has been a slow winter in terms of snow fall so far, and it does not necessarily mean the worst is yet to come, but with WTOL 11's Weather Team making Wednesday an Alert Day, we spoke with AAA on what you need to know to be prepared.

Public Affairs Manager, Kara Hitchens said everyone should stay prepared throughout the whole winter season.

"It's typically that first snowfall that we see the most problems, but as winter comes along, a lot of times by the end of the season, people are just over the weather," said Hitchens.

Hitchens said drivers should expect to add time to their travel and know that there are likely to be some slick patches out there.

Wet snow and freezing temperatures can cause black ice.

Hitchens also said not to tailgate so you have plenty of time to react to the car in front of you if they hit a patch of ice. 

She also advises against using cruise control. 

"You wanna be complete control of that vehicle and the speed you maintain in that vehicle," she said.

She also said to keep your eyes peeled for flashing lights on the side of the road and be ready to switch lanes when passing emergency vehicles because it's the law.

"Ohio has a move over law with just to get over one lane or slow down if you're unable to get over so those first responders have plenty of room to work as well," said Hitchens.

If you need to pull over, she said to pull onto the shoulder, out of traffic, and turn on your hazards. Have your cellphone handy and use your winter weather kit, until help arrives. Hitchens said to keep a half tank of gas in your car too.

Throughout the year, she also said you're going to want to have jumper cables and a small shovel in your car. In the winter, she said it's important to stock up on socks, hats, gloves and anything else to keep you warm, just in case.

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