TOLEDO (WTOL) - The owner of a Findlay bar was arrested after he was caught on camera physically assaulting an employee last Thursday.

Dale Dean Suter is the owner of Walnut Saloon, and he was taken into custody after the incident.

Video shows a heated argument between Suter and one of the bartenders, Connie Reed, who has worked for him for decades.

Reed’s daughter, Miranda Bright, happened to be in the bar to drop off mail when she decided to start recording this interaction.

“He was screaming about a sign, because she wanted to make new signs and freshen the place up, and he was just yelling about it, even though he agreed she could make new signs one day, and the next day it was all of a sudden a bad idea,” Bright said.

That's when the shouting match got physical after Suter rounded the bar.

Reed appears to try to push Suter away, then he lunges at her, grabbing the woman by the throat.

“It took us over a minute to actually get him off of her, I was trying to grab him and he wouldn’t let go,” Bright said.

Bright said another employee tried to help, but none of the bar patrons stepped in.

“All of those men that were sitting there, his close friends, and they witnesses him do that and they never intervened. No one ever does,” she said.

This video was given to Findlay Police as evidence, Suter was arrested and later released on bond.

Bright decided to post the video online this week to spread the word about the toxic environment her mother has had to deal with for years.

“People told me it would be better to get more involved and maybe he’d actually get held accountable this time. Because he’s never held accountable, so I was like maybe I should involve people and go ahead and post it then,” she said.

Suter’s attorney plead not guilty for Suter.

Suter is charged with assault and will appear in court for a pretrial hearing on April 23 in Findlay Municipal Court.