TOLEDO (WTOL) - Alisa Haynes, 43, and Alexis Fortune, 24, both of Toledo, were placed into custody on Saturday around 9:30 p.m. without incident by agents from the Cleveland Division of the FBI, Toledo Resident Agency.

Arrest warrants for both women were issued in the Northern District of Ohio United States District Court for tampering with a witness, victim or an informant.

History of the case

In 2017, three individuals, Kenneth Butler, Cordell Jenkins and Anthony Haynes were indicted and charged with sex trafficking of children, production of child pornography and other charges. A jury trial regarding Anthony Haynes, Cordell Jenkins and Laura Lloyd-Jenkins is to start on Jan. 22. The alleged victim in this case is scheduled to testify.

Butler pleaded guilty to conspiracy to sex traffic children, obstruction of a sex-trafficking investigation and two counts of sex trafficking of children.READ MORE: Pastors accused of child sex crimes could face life in prisonNew tampering allegations

According to the criminal complaint, on Saturday at approximately midnight, the victim scheduled to testify was at home with her minor sister when she received a knock on the door.

The alleged victim recognized the voice to be that of Alexis Fortune, Anthony Haynes’ stepdaughter. When the alleged victim opened the door, she saw a person wearing a mask, black gloves and brandishing a silver revolver, later identified as Alexis Fortune. Fortune pointed the gun at the alleged victim’s head and forced her way into the apartment.

Within a short time, Alisa Haynes knocked on the door and entered the apartment.

Over the next few hours the alleged victim was threatened, choked and told not to testify at Anthony Haynes’ upcoming trial.

The alleged victim told Haynes and Fortune she needed to go to Wal-Mart, the four females left the victim’s apartment and traveled to two different Wal-Mart locations and drove to other locations in the Toledo area.

During the time in the vehicle, it is alleged that Fortune choked the alleged victim again with the computer cord that had previously been used in the apartment.

At one point, the alleged victim and her minor sister escaped from the vehicle and fled on foot. Fortune allegedly chased the two females with a tan-colored bat in her hand while Haynes followed beside them in the vehicle telling the victim and her minor sister to get back in the car.

During the time in the vehicle, Haynes apparently expressed her concern over the victim testifying in the upcoming trial.

The FBI stated that Haynes suggested the alleged victim make a voice recording recanting her previous statements to law enforcement regarding the charges against Anthony Haynes. The alleged victim made this recording.

This case is being investigated by the FBI - Cleveland Division, Toledo Resident Agency’s Northwest Violent Crime Task Force and is prosecuted by the United States Attorney’s Office, Northern District of Ohio.

Fortune has an initial appearance in federal court at 3 p.m. Monday, while Haynes has her initial appearance at 3:30 p.m.