TOLEDO (WTOL) - On Saturday, friends and family of J.B. Schwed hoped to turn a negative into a positive.

They held a fundraiser called ‘Fund A Fence’ in his honor.

Hundreds turned out for a spaghetti dinner and silent auction, many wearing a t-shirt with J.B.'s picture on it.

“I think it’s completely overwhelming. He’s touched a lot of lives. Very overwhelming for all of us to see this support they’re giving him,” says J.B.'s uncle Ken Fry.

In August J.B. and others were at Mr. Fry’s wedding reception at the Millbury Firemans Hall.

He wandered away from the event, passed out near train tracks and was hit and killed by a train.

Family wants fence installed after man wanders onto train tracks, gets killed
JB Schwed

“Yes I’m very heartbroken. I don’t wish that upon anybody. Period. Any mother should not have to feel this way. Period,” says J.B.'s mom Kimberly Schwed.

Money raised on Saturday will pay for a fence to go up next to the hall where J.B. was killed.

The purpose of the ‘Fund the Fence’ campaign is to guarantee nobody else ever gets run over again by a train near the hall.

“We just want to make sure it happens. So I think if we’re more willing to provide those costs then it’s most likely to happen,” said J.B.'s sister Michelle Smith.

The project still needs approval from Norfolk Southern and Millbury officials which family members say is guaranteed.

“There’s no words. It was a complete catastrophic incident,” said Mr. Fry.

Ten thousand dollars is needed to fund the fence.

Another fundraiser event is scheduled for next summer.

And a GoFundMe account has also been set up.