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Owens Community College helping with FAFSA application process

Whether you're furthering your education or you're a parent and want to see what aid your child can get, now is the time to fill out your FAFSA application.

PERRYSBURG, Ohio — Now is the time to fill out your Free Application for Federal Student Aid and the sooner you do it, the better.

The FAFSA can determine the need for any financial aid and it indicates who will need to pay back the aid received and who won't. 

"We want all of our seniors to apply for FAFSA. There are absolutely great money and opportunities out there for students, they only need to apply," said Executive Director of Student Intervention and Support at Toledo Public Schools Heather Baker.

Whether you are planning to further your education after high school or you're a parent and want to see what grants or aid your high school senior can get, you can apply for the FAFSA. 

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"It's a very important part of the college experience. Especially if you can't afford the full cost of college, federal financial aid usually goes pretty far in helping to cover that cost," Community Advocate for Owens Community College Marcos Gomez said.

Leaders at Owens Community College said filling out the FAFSA application is one of the best ways to get federal aid or grants if you plan on continuing your education. 

But leaders also recognized the process is lengthy and sometimes, confusing. That's why Owens is holding FAFSA workshops.

Every Thursday in October, trained advocates are available to walk people through the application process. 

Experts with applying at both Owens and Toledo Public Schools said people shouldn't wait too long to fill out their application. 

"Really, really apply as early as possible for those financial opportunities that are out there waiting," Baker said.

Because of the ongoing pandemic, Baker and Gomez said there has been a downtick in applications but that has already started to change. 

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"Lately, it's started picking back up. I think the uncertainty moving forward has gotten a lot more people to think about maybe this is the time to go back to school," Gomez said.

FAFSA is available for students going into college for the first time or already enrolled in college.

More information on the FAFSA application is available here.