TOLEDO, Ohio — It may not be election day, but if you live in Toledo or Maumee, you can now cast your ballots for city council members for September's primary. 

Six positions are open on the primary ballot; five of Toledo's six districts have at least three candidates, and there's one primary in Maumee.

"This is the start of Election 2019," Lucas County Democratic Party chairman Kurt Young said.

Lucas County voters already began making their way to the polls, 28 days before the primary election.

"These are when you elect people who directly affect where you live," said LaVera Scott with the Lucas County Board of Elections.

Scott said this advance voting option allows more flexibility for folks who want or need it.

"On election day, in case you have to work, you're out of town, or just want to be able to cast your vote at the time in which you choose, it's a great opportunity," she said.

Several candidates are vying for a spot on November's general election ballot.

Toledo council districts 1 through 5 are all up for grabs, with incumbents like Tyrone Riley, Matt Cherry and Yvonne Harper asking for votes again. But with Peter Ujvagi's retirement and Tom Waniewski's term-limitation, there are plenty of candidates gunning for those positions.

Maumee will also choose three of eight council candidates on the primary ballot.

While it's not the glitz and glam of a presidential race, some said it's still quite important.

"Everybody's a little excited about the presidential election right now, but that's next year," Young said. "This is who decides how your schools are taken care of, how your roads are taken care of, etc. And the early vote center really is the key."

If you do vote early or on election day, you'll see some new voting machines that Scott said are more efficient and more secure.

"I definitely think voters are gonna like that," Scott said.

If you'd like to get your vote in ahead of the primary, you can head to the early voting center at the corner of Monroe & 13th in downtown Toledo.


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