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'All we can do is pray': Dozens of faith leaders, community step up to support family of 14-year-old homicide victim

Faith leaders are working together to support Zho'nasia Ticey's family. On Friday, they held a fundraiser to help the family pay for her funeral expenses.

TOLEDO, Ohio — Going into the weekend, dozens of faith leaders are uplifting the family of 14-year-old Zho'nasia Ticey

The young girl was killed almost two weeks ago when someone fired shots into a crowd

But this Friday night a Faith Community Support fundraiser was held to help the family heal. 

Through music and prayer, Zho'nasia's family is doing their hardest to heal, after their daughter was taken from them too soon. 

"Today's a tough day, getting closer to the burial. Burying this 14-year-old baby, can you imagine? I couldn't imagine. All we can do is pray. They're going through it, so let's pray for them," Cedrick Brock, pastor for Mt. Nebo Church, said.

Faith leaders from around Toledo are joining forces to encourage them. 

At Jerusalem Baptist Church, they gathered to raise money to help the family pay for funeral services.

"Our objective is we want them to be able to just have a level or a sense of closure, and so closure to families who have lost loved ones, specifically are around violence. Give them an opportunity to celebrate their loved ones they lost," Willie Perryman, the president of Toledo's NAACP, said.

That's because no family should have to worry about anything else when they are already grieving. 

Pastors also taking this opportunity to take a strong stance against gun violence. 

"We want to let the community know that we care. We know some of them may not belong to our churches. But yet they do because the future is bright," Brock said. "To help them get through. And we know that a lot of our babies have so much potential to do a lot better than we can in life."

Brock says they're working with the city of Toledo and teams under Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz. 

As for those involved in the violence, Perryman has a message.

"Put the guns down. Put the guns down," Perryman said. "And if you have a family member or a neighbor that you know has engaged or is engaging in violence, call Crime Stoppers. We need to put a stop to all the gun violence in our community."

So no family has to lay a child to rest.

You can still donate to the family after tonight. All you have to do is visit the Toledo Urban Federal Credit Union on Dorr Street and let them know you want it to go towards Ticey's family. 

If you have any information on crime in Toledo that may help police, call or text Crime Stoppers at 419-255-1111. You can remain anonymous and may be eligible for a cash reward.


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