TOLEDO, Ohio — Dick Berry was recognized by the Toledo City Council Tuesday "as a reporter and journalist who has dedicated his life's work to WTOL for 40 years and has provided Toledo residents with exceptional news coverage." 

Back in June, Berry completed 40 years of news coverage in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan. During this time, he has always been a fixture on air.

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The city council resolution was presented by Councilman Larry Sykes. 

The resolution cited many of Berry's accomplishments, including when he was awarded an Emmy for his coverage of a space mission that featured an all-Ohio crew and his successful segment at WTOL called "Day Tripping," in which he presented viewers with exciting vacation opportunities throughout the Midwest. 

"Mr. Berry, I've known you for about 70% of that 40-year spam," Council Member Rob Ludeman said. "I always stop and take note of whatever the issue is or the event is that you're covering because I would have to say you have had one of the more interesting careers and some of things you've been able to cover over that period of time, there was not enough room in that resolution to fit in all of the events and things you've been a part of." 

Most of the city council members took the opportunity to speak and compliment Berry on his coverage of Toledo. 

"I get the feeling that when you do an interview, and we've talked to each other a few times, that you have the story already figured out. You know what it is that you want to get from the person you're interviewing," Council Member Peter Ujvagi said. "I think that you have a talent ... and I can't think of anyone else who is as knowledgeable about our community." 

"You have such a distinctive voice that wherever I am at in the house and the TV is on and I'm not looking straight ahead, if I hear your voice, I stop what I'm doing and I listen because it's always a human interest story, that is always interesting and you seem to do a great job of getting to the heart of the matter," Council Member Cecelia Adams added.