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DeWine turns focus to getting Ohio's young adults vaccinated

The governor held a press conference Thursday at UToledo, saying vaccinations are a "ticket to freedom."

TOLEDO, Ohio — With news of the booster shot, Gov. DeWine is focusing on the importance of younger adults getting vaccinated.

"I honestly am surprised you know, I honestly thought it was only going to be two," UToledo junior Christian Soto said.

Soto has been closely watching new studies and information about the vaccines. He's a bit apprehensive, so the idea of two shots turning into three isn't what he hoped.

"With every other scientist saying this is our only way, I feel like my hesitancy could dissolve and I could just accept that there will be more vaccines in the future," Soto said.

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Others like Jacob Smedshammer and Alexa Nau say they'll do whatever it takes to get back to life before the pandemic

"I'm not surprised there's going to be a booster, but I'm definitely ready to get it so this whole thing can be over," Nau said.

The vaccine is the key to making that happen according to DeWine.

"This is your ticket to your freedom, this is your ticket to visiting your grandmother, it's your ticket to do all kinds of things," DeWine said.

Smedshammer and Nau are getting their second vaccines today and tomorrow and are already making plans once their fully vaccinated.

"I haven't seen my family in a year and a half. I have a baby cousin so I didn't want to be around her, so I'm really excited to see her again," Nau said.

"I'm looking to go to Hawaii with my family to see my Grandmother because it's her 80th birthday next month," Smedshammer said.

Whether people have plans to travel or not, DeWine and doctors agree it will be safer when enough Ohioans are vaccinated to reach herd immunity.