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Defiance family loses home to fire, 2 years after fleeing wildfires in California

Christina Biggs and her four kids were forced out of their home by the Tubbs Fire in California 2 years ago. Last month, they lost nearly everything to another fire.

DEFIANCE, Ohio — They fled wildfires in California.

They adjusted to life during the pandemic.

And now, a Defiance family has lost virtually everything to another fire.

"We are using the file cabinet method and just filing certain things because with everything going on, it's too much to break and just let it be felt," said Christina Biggs.

Biggs says she's trying to stay strong, standing outside what was her home, taken by fire back on Dec. 28.

This tragedy hits especially hard.

It was just two years ago that she and her four kids were forced out of another home, escaping the Tubbs Fire in California.

"My job was affected and being in that more expensive side of California, we were kind of forced out," said Biggs.

They came to Ohio for one reason: family. And their family has seen them through the hard times over the past three years, including the Dec. 28 fire.

"There were embers coming out of the roof, so I kind of muscled our stuff and was like okay guys, the house is on fire, we have to go," said Biggs. "And the kids kind of popped up and said 'what' and I said the house is on fire, we have to go."

They're living with her sister and brother in-law, with their four kids and her father right now. It's a packed and lively household 24/7.

Credit: Christina Biggs

"We've done this before, because of when they were leaving California because of the wildfire. So we've had this amount of kids and they're all kind of used to each other," Biggs' sister Rochelle Feathers said.

Biggs has kids who need special medical attention and she says she's had to stay home during the pandemic for virtual learning. But through it all, she says she's determined to get back on her feet.

"We're using the community and the community has definitely been helpful."

To help support the family, you can donate at their GoFundMe page.