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Danny's Cafe planning live music venue expansion in Rossford

The owner of Danny's Cafe said the idea is to expand but keep the same feel and complement the area around it.

TOLEDO, Ohio — A Rossford cafe is undergoing renovations that will potentially have a big impact on the city.

The owner of Danny's Cafe, Brad Morrison, said the idea is to expand but keep the same feel and complement the area around it.

Morrison said it's a hub for local history and he's hoping to bring it into the future.

"For us to be able to embrace the history of the town and kind of inject it into this restaurant is super important to us," Brad Morrison, owner of Danny's Cafe Rossford, said.

City leaders said they hope this small town keeps its family charm, but they also want to welcome the visitors who come to northwest Ohio to be entertained.

Rossford Mayor Neil MacKinnon said he's hoping the town becomes a main attraction. He said Rossford's downtown should pair well with what's happening nearby in Toledo.

"If you draw a circle within two miles of where we are standing, all of northwest Ohio's largest and most popular entertainment attractions are within those two miles," MacKinnon said.

City officials want that entertainment to find its way to Rossford starting at Danny's Cafe. 

Credit: Danny's Cafe

Morrison showed WTOL 11 his plans to buy the lot next door for a three-story indoor live entertainment venue with balcony seating and a water tower.

"Right now, we can accommodate about 80 to 100 people we will be expanding to about 2 hundred and 20 people," Morrisson said.

Linda Goblirsch, a resident who lives in the neighborhood behind Danny's Cafe, said no one on her block is happy about it.

"The sounds, the garbage that is left in our yards, it's terrible," Goblirsch said. "The sounds are 80-plus decibels. We've called the police numerous times. Families live here. Kids live here."

She said she understands it's good for the town, but she doesn't think it's good for the neighborhood.

MacKinnon said the city is listening to the community and believes the expansion will be accommodating. 

"This addition to Danny's will bring just about all if not all of the entertainment indoors, which obviously will eliminate any noise problems," MacKinnon said.

The bar owner hopes the community can be patient with him, he said he was just approved for a new parking lot and will keep the sound below 75 decibels. He said if you are looking for parking you can come indoors and grab a map or look for posted signs. He said anyone parked illegally will be towed. 


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