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Daniel Wiggins Jr.'s family makes emotional plea almost 2 years after the father of 4 was found dead in Swan Creek

"I just really miss him a lot. And it's just, I just feel it's not fair. I just really feel like it's a cover-up going on," said Danielle Wiggins, Daniel's sister.

TOLEDO, Ohio — A Toledo family is desperately searching for answers, almost two years after anyone last heard from Daniel Wiggins Jr.

The family found his body months later in Swan Creek.

This Thursday night, those who loved him say they have no idea how he died, or how he ended up in the water. 

"This is when we were kids and we were very close when we were younger," said Danielle Wiggins, the sister of Daniel Wiggins Jr.  

Danielle is heartbroken, as she fondly remembers her brother Daniel Wiggins Jr.

The family found the 23-year-old's body in Swan Creek in June of 2020.

That's about six months since anyone last heard from him.

His fiance, Ashley Morgan, says he frantically called her for help, saying someone was chasing him after a traffic stop that January.

And she remembers the call ending abruptly.

"Being without him is rough. Especially since our last conversation was on the phone. Him needing help. I have his two kids and every day knowing one day I'm gonna have to explain to them what happened to their father and I have little to no answers," said Morgan. 

His fiance and his family say they still don't know what happened after that call, or how he died.

"Can you figure out how he died? Can you tell us that? Can you tell us how he ended up where he ended up? There's no way someone just ended up in a creek behind tracks. Like under some tracks. That just doesn't seem right. And he was so far away from where he was pulled over," said Danielle.

Now, those who loved Daniel are pleading for answers.

"I'll be able to be at peace. Like at first in the beginning, it was not knowing where he was. Now, it's like okay, we got that part but there's more to it. Let's find out what happened," said Morgan.  

So the family can properly grieve. 

"I just really miss him a lot. And it's just, I just feel it's not fair. I just really feel like it's a cover-up going on. Cause other than that why wouldn't you have any answers. Why wouldn't you know something? It's, it's a reason for everything," said Danielle. 

The family says they haven't heard any new updates from Toledo police.

TPD says there are no updates in the case right now.

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