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Dana Open host families share experiences with golfers from around the world

Two local leaders said the golfers they host aren't high maintenance, and they're glad they get the chance to support the players staying in their homes.

SYLVANIA, Ohio — Women from all over the world travel to compete in Northwest Ohio's annual Dana Open and members of the local community, like the University of Toledo's Women's Basketball Coach, Tricia Cullop, get the chance to host the stars and get to know them.

"A lot of their families can't be here when they go to all the different tournaments throughout the year, so I'm glad to have an opportunity to support them," Cullop said.

She has been hosting players for about five years. For the 2022 tournament, she's hosting three golfers from Spain, England and Italy. As a leader and former athlete herself, Cullop said she's able to connect with them through the spirit of competition.

"I think that when you're an athlete or a coach, you go through similar things," she said. "So, I do think we have a true appreciation of what we're going through, we support each other. It's a joy to watch them."

Spectator Services Chairmen Sean Powers and his wife are hosting a golfer from Finland this year and have hosted other golfers for the past four years.

"We share meals together, we eat together and when we get time we get to go watch them golf, so it's just a great way to give back to them," Powers said.

He said that while the golfers' needs are of the utmost importance, they aren't too high maintenance.

"We always ask them what kind of things they want and so far everyone one of them have said they are good with anything," he said.

Cullop agreed. She said the golfers don't ask for much at all.

"Really they just want to rest, they want to have something good to eat, and lot of times they're out at the court practicing and getting ready for their event," she said.

A Dana Open housing director said eight to 10 golfers needed assistance finding housing in the area this year.

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