OREGON, Ohio — Oregon Police and Fire Departments responded to a fire Saturday afternoon at Towers Armory, a gun store located at the corner of the 1000 block of Towers Road and 2000 block of Woodville Road.

According to the Oregon Fire and Rescue Department, the fire appears to have started in one of the range areas of the shop. 

"We had a lot of rubber that was smoldering and causing a lot of the black smoke, so we pretty much just treated it like a fire tire. We started using some foam and started cooling off the whole area," Capt. Andrew Lorell said. 

Authorities said no one was injured. 

The cause of the fire is still being investigated and the damage is unclear, but authorities said the shop could close for a while. 

"I, myself have not been inside the building yet but it's safe to say that (the store) will probably be closed for a while for some water and fire damage cleanup," Lorell said. 

The fire started shortly 4 p.m. and when officers arrived at the scene, additional crews had to be called because of the heat, according to Lorell.