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Conversation gets heated as Perrysburg Schools Board discusses Critical Race Theory during a meeting

Superintendent Tom Hosler says Perrysburg Schools and the board of education has not and will not be voting to adopt Critical Race Theory.

There was a heated discussion at a Perrysburg Schools board meeting on Monday about whether a new class should be taught.

The packed meeting was for school officials to met with parents and students to discuss Critical Race Theory.

"I'm not going to get into the semantics of what Critical Race Theory is. If you didn't have time to look it up yourself, I'm sorry, you should educate yourself on that," said Kelley Ewbank, a board member to another school board member. 

Critical Race Theory is a hot topic that is being discussed because of it's popularity right now. 

"Because of this attention, we wanted to really focus on what is happening in our schools relative to this topic. Across Ohio, we've seen examples of board meetings and gatherings when people are doing exactly what is happening here today. So this isn't just a Perrysburg thing," said Tom Hosler, the superintendent for Perrysburg Schools. 

But what exactly is it? WTOL 11 spoke with an assistant professor with the University of Toledo who described it. 

"It is an academic theory that is used to teach and show how power and race operates in the United States. And it starts historically, obviously, because that's where race and power met. And then literally structured the way our society operates," said Monita Mungo, an Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Toledo. 

While there is much to learn, some are for teaching these concepts. 

"The time has long passed to sit around and relish in the luxury of idleness. And staying complacent and staying silent. Our community's beautiful. But it needs change. It needs change. And to sit around and say that there is too much to be done about diversity and inclusion just tells you that in itself that we're not doing nearly enough," said a Perrysburg student. 

But there are others who are strongly opposed. 

"We're supposed to be training up leaders, not followers of whatever cause happens to be popular. It's a disservice to this community and the students to put such focus on races and cultures. It's about students as individuals," said a 15-year-resident of Perryburg. 

Still, Hosler says for now, it isn't taking the theory into account for its curriculum. 

"Perrysburg Schools, the board of education has not and will not be voting to adopt critical race theory. And the reason I added that is we've gotten calls and emails, wanting to know when this is going to be adopting Critical Race Theory. And clearly that's not happening," said Hosler.

Other school boards are also discussing whether it should be taught.

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