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Concerned community members hoping for help from city to turn trail of trash back into a bike path

Central Toledo residents are worried about cleaning it themselves due to safety hazards, including the possibility of needles hidden in the debris.

TOLEDO, Ohio — Help us keep our neighborhood clean. That's the message from two central Toledo neighbors tonight.

They say a bike path under I-280 is not only dirty, but dangerous.

Bottles, cans, shattered glass and plastic bags are just some of the things covering the hill beside a bike path beneath I-280.

Mixed with the stones, high grass and weeds, neighbors say it's easy for someone to get hurt.

"Areas like this are overgrown and we used to take care of this. And we used to have a really good working relationship with the City of Toledo," Larry Warnimont said.

Warnimont has been working with Alfonso Narvez of One Village Council to clean up their neighborhood for more than a decade.

Now they say they need more help than just a couple volunteers.

"It's filled with large pebbles so it's a little hard to walk, but also our biggest concern is needles being found. I have done a couple cleanups on my own, I have found a couple of needles. It's just not safe to bring local volunteers down here," Narvaez said.

WTOL 11 reached out to the city about the concerns.

The mayor's office says this is the first anyone has reported the issue and a Clean Toledo team should be out within the next two days.

Both men say this is a larger issue and the neighborhood needs to step up.

"Right now I realize also, this is a very small piece of the pie for the city to work with and I'm sure if we call them, they'll come. But someone's got to call," Warnimont said.

In the long-term, both would like to see additional lighting and trash cans put in the area to help cut down on people dumping garbage.

If you have a concern in your neighborhood, you can contact Engage Toledo by following this link.