TOLEDO (WTOL) - Washington Local Schools pleading for your help this November. Help to pass a $3.8 million continuing levy.

It sounds like a lot of money. Some voter’s say November’s ballot initiative is an easy decision.

“Absolutely, I am going to vote yes,” said Eric Kiser, Washington Local School parent. “I have two kids that are going to be in school here for a long time and I understand that the challenge in front of us is a very important challenge.

”It’s a no brainer,” said Chris Weills, a resident within the WLS District. “I will vote for the levy. It’s my school district. It’s my school district, it’s where I live."

School leaders say there is a projected deficient in the 2021 budget of $8.2 million in part to a cut of state funding among other reasons. The levy would cost the owner of a $100,000 home about $15 a month.

While several at the meeting were adamant about their yes vote they say their neighbors aren’t.

“There are people out there who are very negative about it,” said Chris Weills. “They just don’t want to pay for it.”

If approved the levy would fund day-to-day operations and some permanent improvements including school safety.

School Board officials said while they are focused on the November 6 levy, they do have plans to place another before voters in the future. That one would be to help the district build some new buildings with substantial funding from the state.

Even knowing that, some parents say they will vote yes.

“I have four kids so my tax money is going to them for their schooling so for me it’s not that bad,” said Mike Smith, a Washington Local parent. “For people that don’t have the kids or they are renting, their rent’s probably going to go up. Everybody in the district is going to be paying more somehow.”

Ultimately those at Washington Local’s Community Night Monday say they trust their school leaders to do what is best for their kids.

“They’ve always been very diligent with their purchasing and always look for the best way to use taxpayer money, I believe,” said Eric Kiser.

The issue will head to voters on November 6.