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Yvonne Pointer finds love 37 years after 14-year-old daughter's murder

Yvonne Pointer said she wasn't able to find love until her daughter's murderer was identified.

CLEVELAND — In 1984, 14-year-old Gloria Pointer was abucted, raped and murdered. Her mom, Yvonne, searched for Gloria's killer for almost three decades.

In 2013, DNA found Gloria's killer. He now sits in prison with no chance of parole. 

it took 29 years to find him and 37 years for Yvonne to find happiness.

Meet Jerry McCreary, the soon-to be-husband of Yvonne Pointer. He fell in love with her after the death of his wife of 33 years. He never expected to fall in love again. He says: “not like this i thought i might have a relationship at one point or time."

The two met during this pandemic. Yvonne’s sister introduced them and was hoping Yvonne could help Jerry through his grief.

“My life had been committed to making other people happy stopping violence, stopping crime and I was ok with that," Yvonne said.

But somehow, they fell in love. Something so unexpected

“I think that fact that there is joy it's like the end of the rainbow there is this pot of gold.”

And her two kids, Raymon and Denyelle, couldn't be happier.

“I believe everyone deserves love and she is more deserving of love than anyone i know," Denyelle says.

She walked down the aisle arm and arm with her grandson Raymon Jr. Smiling when she sees her knight. Jerry reaffirms his love.

“Only you, only me, only us always," he says.

And Yvonne is finding the joy she never knew was possible.

She adds: "And I promise you will be the one that will be the recipient of what was once lost and has now been found. “

Then they were one. It's been a long road for Yvonne. But somehow, Gloria is here with her knowing her mom finally can love like she never has before.