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City of Toledo primary/special election | RESULTS

Three contests are on the ballot: the Toledo mayoral primary, a primary for the Toledo City Council at-large seat and a special election to fill the District 6 seat.

TOLEDO, Ohio — Editor's note: The above report aired during the 11 p.m. newscast prior to the final unofficial results.

The city of Toledo has two primary elections and a special election on Tuesday. 

Voters will decide who advances in the Toledo mayor’s race and an at-large city council race, plus fill the District 6 council seat.

You can text the word VOTE to 419-248-1100 for results sent to your phone at any time. 

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The final, unofficial primary results were received at 11:30 p.m.


Three names were on the ballot for the Toledo mayoral primary: incumbent Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz, former mayor Carty Finkbeiner and Jan Scotland. 

FINAL UNOFFICIAL RESULT: Incumbent Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz (53.77%) will face former mayor Carty Finkbeiner (27.11%) during the November election.

At 10:37 p.m., Kapszukiewicz released a statement claiming victory, reading in part: "I thank the voters for the trust and endorsement they gave our leadership tonight. I look forward to the general election in November [...] I thank the voters for the trust and endorsement they gave our leadership tonight. I look forward to the general election in November."


There are 19 names on the ballot for the primary race for the at-large council seat. Voters are asked to choose six candidates to move ahead to November's contest, where 12 will be on the ballot to fill six seats. The listed candidates are: 

  • Tony Dia
  • Mac Driscoll
  • Steven Fought
  • Michele Grim
  • Jim Hill
  • Michael W. Knight
  • Nick Komives
  • James Kushlan
  • Cerssandra McPherson
  • Katie Moline
  • Ron Murphy
  • Tom Names
  • Alfonso R. Narvaez
  • Daniel Ortiz
  • Tim Ryan
  • George Sarantou
  • Harvey Savage Jr.
  • Larry J. Sykes 
  • Tiffany Preston Whitman


The twelve candidates on the November ballot and their overall percentage of the vote are as follows:

  1. Katie Moline (11.32%)
  2. Nick Komives (9.38%)
  3. Cerssandra McPherson (8.94%)
  4. Tiffany Preston Whitman (8.84%)
  5. Michele Grim (8.28%)
  6. George Sarantou (7.47%)
  7. Harvey Savage Jr. (5.83%)
  8. Tony Dia (5.03%)
  9. Mac Driscoll (4.36%)
  10. Tim Ryan (4.34%)
  11. Ron Murphy (4.23%)
  12. Larry J. Sykes (4.14%)


In the special election, Theresa Morris and James Nowak are vying for District 6, to immediately fill the seat Chris Delaney vacated. 

FINAL UNOFFICIAL RESULT: Theresa Morris with 61.14% of the vote.

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