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ODOT to start work on city's most dangerous intersection - roundabout at Cherry, Berdan and Detroit

The number of lanes on the Cherry Street exit will be reduced and the addition of some 'slip ramps' means some drivers won't have to actually enter the roundabout.

TOLEDO, Ohio — More than 10% of Ohio's most dangerous intersections are located right here in Toledo, according to the Ohio Department of Transportation, with the metro area containing 16 of the most troublesome spots. 

Now, ODOT is starting work on what it considers the most dangerous one of them all - the roundabout that encompasses Cherry Street and Berdan and North Detroit avenues.

If you've ever driven through this roundabout, you may have noticed it's not the easiest traffic circle to get around. 

To investigate, a traffic study was completed and it found there have been a high number of crashes at this roundabout. 

ODOT representatives said a lot of that is because there are two lanes all the way around the roundabout.

Because of this, drivers would be in the left lane and try to cross over to the right to exit, which caused a lot of side-swipe crashes. 

To keep this from happening, this project will reduce Cherry Street's exit from two lanes to just one lane.

Then, Cherry Street's northbound right lane will have a slip ramp to continue onto northbound Detroit Avenue, so drivers won't have to actually enter the roundabout. The same will be on the eastbound Berdan Avenue to the southbound Detroit Avenue side.

"If you're trying to go right instead of entering into the roundabout and then exiting right at the first exit, (drivers will have their) own designated lane that just keeps flowing so that will help keep people traveling but also safely as well," said Rebecca Dangelo with ODOT.

Drivers can expect lane restrictions and closures at this roundabout through about the end of September to early October. 

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