SANDUSKY (WTOL) - For a lot of us in northwest Ohio, Cedar Point is one of our go-to summer destinations.

If you plan on going more than once this year, America’s rockin’ roller coast is offering a tax-free sale on their Platinum Passes.

A Platinum Pass gets you unlimited visits to Cedar Point and Cedar Point Shores Waterpark every public operation day this season, free parking, early entry exclusive ride nights and more for $218.

Cedar Point says the pass costs less than three visits to the park, so it might be worth it to you to consider one of these if you plan on making lots of trips to the rRoller Coaster Capital of the World this year.

If you’re interested in a pass, Cedar Point wants to help you out with the cost by paying the admission tax of the pass if you buy one between April 15 and 17.

This deal won’t last long; decide if you want to spend your tax return on a summer of fun at Cedar Point!