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CBD business booming during pandemic as more people search for non-medical alternatives

Terrence Pounds, the CEO and owner of CBD 4 Real, says he has seen business quadruple since COVID-19 started.

TOLEDO, Ohio — As the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on many people, some are searching for alternatives to relieve anxiety or pain without medication.

More and more people are finding that alternative in CBD.

"I like to stay as natural as I can as far as pretty much everything in my diet and so on, and marijuana is just a little too strong for me," said Melissa Zurawski, a new CBD user.

She said she turned to CBD for pain to avoid medication, after hearing about the benefits the plant-based product has to offer.  

Just a few weeks ago, she started going to CBD 4 Real in West Toledo. 

"Pharmaceutical drugs in the grand scheme of things, for most people if they can find a better way, a healthier way, an all natural way - they would use that. And CBD presents that for a lot of people," said Terrence Pounds, the CEO and owner of CBD 4 Real.

Pounds said he has seen his business quadruple since COVID-19 started.

"My wife uses the capsules. I use the tincture. So, during the pandemic, I would say I saw a growth in my own house," said Marquis Kimble, Director of Operations for HCV Distribution Corp., a company that distributes CBD 4 Real's products.

Dr. John Evanoff, a family physician at ProMedica, says about 70% of his patients use it in some way, shape or form.

"CBD is essentially harmless. So, the World Health Organization came out and said there was really no addictive potential to CBD at all. And CBD stands for Cannabidiol. It is also the predominate element that is in hemp," said Dr. Evanoff. 

There are several different forms of CBD products available, with a variety of usages.

That include the hemp flower you can smoke, drops you can put under your tongue, gummies you can consume and CBD you can vape. 

And, there is even drops that you can give to your pets to help calm anxiety.

However, Dr. Evanoff says you shouldn't replace medication with CBD if you need further medical attention, especially those trying to use it for depression.

And, it doesn't replace seeing a qualified medical professional.

But if you choose to use CBD, he says you should always visit a credible retailer.

"CBD does not work for everyone. But it does work for more people than it doesn't, in our experience. I would tell that person don't stop at that place that doesn't specialize in CBD to get CBD advice. Come to a reputable CBD store," explained Pounds. 

So far, CBD has done wonders for Zurawski, who is awaiting a possible diagnosis of fibromyalgia. 

"Worth a try. It's natural. So, better than pain pills and all the scary pharmaceuticals," said Zurawski. 

For more information on CBD 4 Real and the products they offer, visit their website at hemp4real.com