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Can you get coronavirus twice? We answer your COVID-19 questions

WTOL 11 looked into your questions on the incoming COVID-19 vaccines, immunity and if you can get the coronavirus again.

OHIO, USA — Scientists and doctors continue to learn more about the coronavirus each and every day. But people still have so many questions.

Our WTOL news team took some of the most popular questions we've received this past week and looked into them. Here are your answers.

First, a question that many people have asked since the virus started spreading: can you get the coronavirus a second time?

ProMedica Vice President of quality and safety Dr. Brian Kaminiski says there is research showing a patient getting COVID-19 twice, but it's not the norm.

"The simple answer is that you can, but it's really important to point out that occurs extremely rarely," he said. "We almost never see that. I have never seen that."

That ties into our next question, which comes from a family member of someone who has COVID right now.  After he recovers, will he be immune?

"What we can say confidently is people who have had coronavirus are extremely unlikely to get it for the next 90 days," Kaminiski said. "That's what the data shows and what the CDC recommends."

Mark Ford, who posed the question and whose dad is facing the virus now, says he is interested in the vaccine for himself and his family but will wait a few months once it becomes available.

"The disease is still so young," Ford said. "The vaccine, I wasn't sure if they even allowed him to have it since he has had it."

So what if someone has already had COVID-19? Should they still get the vaccine? Kaminski says yes, but not right away.

"If you have had documented coronavirus, we want you to wait for those 90 days to pass so your immune system is ready to respond appropriately for the vaccine when it's administered," said Kaminski.

Finally, will the vaccine be one dose that lasts for years, or will it be seasonal like the flu?

"I truthfully don't think that anyone knows the answer to that yet," Kaminski said. "In fact, the manufacturers are going out of their way to say they don't know the answer to that yet because we need more time and we need to study it more."

If you have questions, text to them us at 419-248-1100. We'll work to get you answers.