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Shopping local creates sense of community say Toledo business owners

Holiday shoppers who don't like the impersonal feel of shopping online or the crowds and corporate-feel of big box stores and national chains have another option.

TOLEDO, Ohio — It's the holiday season and shopping carts are filling up. But for local small businesses it's about more than just the bottom line - it's about creating a sense of community. 

"We're nothing without our community and we know that. We see that so we take any chance we can to give back," HandmadeToledo Manager Megan Aherne.

Small Business Saturday is expected to bring out more shoppers than black Friday this year, according to the Small Business Administration.

And local business owners are crediting the rise to their hands-on business model.

"There are a lot of reasons to support local. There are the obvious ones, like all the local people that we provide jobs to," said Jupmode's John Amato. "But I think at the end of the day, local businesses are more involved in the community. They give back more than a national chain would and I think that's the true impact "

Jupmode and Handmade Toledo are two small businesses that take pride in showcasing local talent and working with other Toledo entrepreneurs.

They also believe people interact with their business more because they are part of the community and not a supply chain. 

"I just think that uptown is such a great community. They celebrate the arts. They celebrate diversity, the culture of Toledo, and it's really just feels like a neighborhood community you can walk around you know people," said Jessica Crossfield, founder and director of Handmade Toledo.

Crossfield says shopping local means shopping from people you know and can learn from, and the dollars stay right in our community.

"When you spend money with local businesses it just put that money back into the local economy it's not going to a different city state country it's really staying here and helping the people that live here," said Crossfield.

Downtown Toledo Highlights many local artists all year round. Below are some of the many places you can shop for local products for your holiday gift lists.




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