BOWLING GREEN, Ohio — Is it a late Christmas gift Bowling Green residents received? Well, not quite. Drivers were supposed to start paying for parking in downtown right at the beginning of the year, but fortunately, that change has been delayed. 

A spokesperson for the city of Bowling Green said parking charges will go into effect in a couple of weeks. 

As of Wednesday, the hold up is that they're waiting on technicians to finish installing and programming the kiosks. Drivers won't have to pay the rates until all kiosks are up and running.  

One resident said although she's excited they don't have to pay for parking yet, it doesn't change her feelings about paying when it does begin.

"I do not like having to pay for parking. If I have business downtown and all I can find is paid parking, I will drive around until I can find free parking and walk," Bowling Green resident Terri Braun said.

Residents will be notified at least one week prior to when the changes are expected to be implemented.

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