BOWLING GREEN (WTOL) - An e-mail demanding $20,000 in Bitcoin and threatening to detonate a bomb spread across the country Thursday afternoon, including locally in Toledo turned out to be a hoax.

One of those businesses that received an e-mail was Mid-Wood, a Farming Cooperative in Bowling Green.

Manager John Krukemyer said he could tell right off the bat something didn’t seem right about the e-mail, but figured it was better to be safe than sorry and reach out to police.

“My first instinct was, this is a joke, but you never know anymore. You just never know," he said.

Before calling police, Krukemyer and employees shared a laugh over the e-mail, as Krukemyer found the verbiage used in the e-mail a little odd.

“It was very, very polite. It was ‘good day sir’ and at the end, which also I like the fact that they told me ‘this isn’t personal, this is just business.’ I’m glad to know now that they’re not after me, that it’s just business. It was a very polite bomber," he said.

Once Police arrived and the businesses were shut down, detectives were brought in and a BGSU bomb dog sniffed the place out -- finding absolutely nothing.

“You’re always thinking in the back of your head that this could be the real thing and that's why we respond the way we respond and we evacuate and search and go through the protocols for these situations and there's always a sigh of relief when it is a hoax but it is disheartening that people do this,” said Sheriff of Wood County Mark Wasylyshyn.

With the amount of resources used nationally by police and fire responding to the threat, the Wood County Sheriff’s Department said luckily, there were no other emergency’s in the county the time the call came in.

“That would be unfortunate if someone had a medical issue and my people are tied up or the fire department is tied up at a location and there’s a fire,” said Sheriff Wasylyshyn. “That would be very unfortunate but that did not happen.”