Several Ohio counties and one Indiana county are investigating after a passerby discovered a body in the Maumee River near Sherwood, Ohio.

The body of a white male was first located at the Cecil Road Bridge and recovered by Paulding County Sheriff's Office and the Sherwood Village and Auglaize and Delaware township fire departments around 5:30 p.m. Friday.

Police say the man was wearing no clothes and was in stages of decomposition.

The man is described as 5'4" and weighing 153 pounds with tattoos reading "music" and "Gemini" with stars below and piercings in both ears.

The initial investigation by the Defiance County Sheriff's Office shows that neither Defiance nor Paulding counties has any missing persons matching the description of the man. 

Because of the high water levels and close proximity to the state of Indiana, authorities are working with Allen County, Indiana, authorities for further leads. 

The Defiance County Coroner's Office has ordered an autopsy by the Lucas County Coroner's Office. The Defiance County Sheriff's Office is awaiting autopsy results for further investigation. 

The coroner's office says due to the decomposition of the body, is it unclear how long the body was in the water.

There are no further details available, according to Defiance County Sheriff Douglas Engel. 

If anyone has information that might assist in identifying the individual, please contact the Defiance County Sheriff's Office at 419-784-1155.