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Toledo Celebrates icon Rosa Parks Birthday with new mural

The icon, who famously refused to move to the back of a segregated bus, is fittingly honored at the the downtown Toledo TARTA station.

TOLEDO, Ohio — The community came together on Saturday to honor civil rights pioneer Rosa Parks' contributions to public transit and her lifetime pursuit of equality.  

The NAACP and TARTA revealed the mural for the civil rights icon's on what would have been her 110th birthday.

TARTA employee, Montez Allen, said he looks forward to seeing it, whenever he comes into work.

"It feels good because it lets us know that we've come a long way as a people," said Allen. 

Allen works in security for the TARTA Hub in downtown Toledo where the mural can now be seen.

He said the mural sends a message that everyone should see.

"What it stands for to me is what Rosa Parks stood for. Freedom and equal opportunity for all people," said Allen.

Willie Perryman, the president of the local NAACP chapter, said it is great to see the city continuing the legacy and mission of Rosa Parks. He said, for the community it's a sign of inclusion. 

"When we show that type of representation to not only the region but to the central city, I not only believe that it gives confidence it gives inspiration to people of color that we have a transportation system that will allow them to get to their destinations," said Perryman.

The mural also includes a call to action with the question - What Does Rosa Parks Mean To You ?

TARTA officials want you to place a sticky note with your answer on the wall.


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