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BG VOICE group of more than 600 members plans rally against only having virtual learning

Jessica Swaisgood, the organizer says the problem is that not all kids are able to thrive with online learning.

In Bowling Green, hundreds of parents are up in arms after the school district announced it would not switch over to in-person classes.

Right now, they're planning a rally for Monday.

Jessica Swaisgood, is a mother of two students in the Bowling Green City Schools district and she is against having her kids learn only online.

"My mission is to recognize that our student's mental health and overall well being is definitely something that's just as important as the dangers of COVID in the classroom," said Swaisgood. 

Last week, she started the Facebook group called "BG VOICE" after the district's board voted to keep kids out of the classroom.

It has more than 600 members that feel similar to Swaisgood.

"The problem that I have is those parents who have kids that are not thriving in an online environment. We don't really have a choice to have our kids go back to school and that's all we're asking for," said Swaisgood. 

However, there are other parents like Sara Meeker, who say their kids have benefited from virtual learning.

"My junior Haley, has dysautonomia syndrome and with her being virtual learning, she hasn't missed any school. And she likes being home," said Meeker. 

And although she might not agree with them, Swaisgood says she isn't against the school districts choices but she'd like to see everyone accommodated.

To make her voice heard, she's planning for a peaceful rally on Monday called "Rally for Choice."

"I certainly appreciate what the board is doing. I feel like they are more than capable to come up with a plan. My thought is, you know let's do that. Lets move forward," said Swaisgood. 

Meeker saod she understands where those parents are coming from, but at this point she questions students going back to in-person learning.

"I would think that the parents would want the kids to be safe. And things will go back to normal but right now you know, I don't see what the big hurry is to get the kids back in school," said Meeker. 

The "Rally for Choice" is scheduled on Monday from 4p.m. till 6p.m. at Wooster Green in Bowling Green. 

The Bowling Green Board of Education will also hold its next regular meeting on Tuesday afternoon at 5 p.m.