BOWLING GREEN (WTOL) - In an effort to fight childhood obesity and a sedentary culture, the Bowling Green Parks and Recreation Department is changing its admission policy to accommodate more children without requiring a parent to accompany them.

The long-standing Bowling Green Community Center policy required children under the age of 13 to be accompanied by an adult when visiting. Starting Wednesday, children 9 years old and older can be dropped off to use the facility without an adult accompanying them.

Policies will be in effect to have them sign in on each visit and have emergency contact information on file at the front desk.

In a news release, Bowling Green Parks and Recreation Department officials said they feel this policy change will help encourage more healthy physical activity among the youth of Bowling Green while making the opportunity to do so more convenient to busy parents.

When caregivers are available to do so, parks and rec officials encourage them to visit the facility with their children and be active with their children, “but now parents will have the opportunity to tend to their busy lives of running errands, transporting siblings to various activities, and keeping up with the demands of running a household while dropping their children off in a warm, welcoming, safe, and healthy environment.”

Caregivers also now have the opportunity to get their workouts in upstairs in the fitness center or in an adult fitness classes while their children play in the gymnasium nearby.